Friday, April 22, 2005

Nokia 6820 - Not worth the price...

Purchased Nokia 6820 two weeks back. And after two weeks of extensive usage, I Feel that I am not good at selecting a handset.

When I set out to purchase the mobile, I was so sure that I wanted an economy model of Nokia (like 2600). But I fell in the trap of camera mobile and purchased 6820.

The only good thing about this mobile is its keypad. It’s really good for the people, who waste loads of money in text messaging. (Unfortunately I am one of those…) This keypad is really amazing and SMS typing is far more comfortable than the clumsy typing on non-6820 mobiles (yay… here I can manage a smile:).), where typing words like high, moon, feed (type them and tell me…) is a real pain. Plus this phone has a great game, “Bowling”. I loved playing that game.

But…I am really disappointed with the quality of camera (Nokia 6600 camera has so much better quality… Why the hell is that?:( ). Especially after seeing the camera of Samsung X500, I feel like crying…

Despite the quality of the camera, I basically doubt the value of having camera in your mobile. You have a camera in your mobile. You can record a video clip of a few seconds. You can store contacts with their images…. Blah blah blah!!! So what? What’s the use?

And at the end when I compare the price and features of my phone, I don’t feel like satisfied. I remember my friend’s advisory words. ”Don’t go for camera mobile. It’s not worth…” Yes Atul, I should have listened to you. :(

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Da Vinci Code Decrypted!

An amazing book with an ordinary end!!! However this definitely is the most exciting book I have ever read. Dan Brown really is the king of suspense. I really loved the way suspense was created and then the way mystery was revealed. The lectures of Robert Langdon were especially good (The concept of Magic Proportion was amazing).

The complete plot seems to be a journey with puzzles at every corner, each one more complex than the first one. But I was really disappointed by the end. All the excitement generated and all the efforts taken deserved something better coming out of it.

The next one in the queue is “Angels and Demons”. Can’t wait to start the journey!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

GATE: one more failure

And here comes one more failure @ the GATE.

I really didn't believe, when I checked my score on the website. This time I was so sure that I would get something better. Knowing that I have better time at the time of exam than the last year, I was not expecting just 98.29 percentile (which is even less than what I achieved last time with minimum study... :( ).

So much of luck factor and so less is the appreciation of your hard-work. I am really confused about whether I don't deserve anything better than this or whether the system itself favors the fortunates....

The only positive thing this time is, I may get sponsorship, which increases my chances of getting into some course @ some IIT.

Let's see what happens.......

Thursday, February 17, 2005 this really should get an OSCAR!

My first reaction after seeing BLACK was like...Is this a bollywood movie? Is this same Bachchan who "acted" in "movies" like majorsab?

Really...This movie was a big surprise for me...I was not knowing that indian film maker can create something like this...But yes!!! Sanjay Leela Bhansali has created a wonder...One couldn't have made more passionate, more emotionally intense movie than this one.

First of all, let me make it clear that I am not writing this review to judge the box office performance (which was done by Taran Adarsh in his review on Indiafm website, where that guy dared to give rating of ** to this movie...). Nor I am writing this for the sake of comparing what this movie promises to be and how much it delivers (which has been tried by my dear friend Shrikrishna). My only intention is that people should not miss the opportunity of seeing this wonder movie… They should at least once see the ‘magician’ created by Sanjay and quite aptly presented by Amitabh Bachchan. They should at least once experience the the BLACKness, MUTEness and the feeling of isolation in a blind and deaf person’s life…This feeling horrified me the most when I tried to imagine myself there!

Within first 15 minutes itself movie reaches to a different level altogether. First half is completely dominated by Amitabh as well as the young girl (Ayesha Kapur), whose performances are simply superb. The passion shown by Amitabh to paint the character of Debraj is amazing. I was also stunned to see the facial expressions generated by the young girl. The scene at the water fountain was very touching and you just can’t keep yourself out of the action.

Next half shows a different shade of Debraj’s character and once again Amitabh executes his role to perfection. Rani tries a little too hard but does create the magic! The best scene in second half was the one when Debraj reads the speech written by Michelle at the dining table.

I must say this one is the BEST bollywood movie I have seen in my life. In fact I don't recollect better movie in hollywood either (may be because I have seen very few of them :-)). After seeing Amitabh's performance, I feel like he has wasted his talent over the years....

This movie has made me a big fan of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His direction is the foundation of the new height this movie could reach. Hats off to this man!

Earlier we saw Lagaan being nominated for the Oscars but couldn’t make it. Well…Now this one should really get the accolade!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Coming out of shell

Finally...the day (GATE) is over. but not the wait. Still long way to go...
Human mind is so strange...We run behind the things, which we don't have and ruin the presence. Having good job, descent living is not enough. We want to achieve more. When we have a bicycle, we envy the people having bikes. But only in a few days after having a cool bike, you tend to dream of a car. Dammit!! This has no end...
But when we look at people, who don't have anything with them and still living their lives very happily, I tend to retrospect about my struggle to get better. Am I not living a happy life? Am I killing my joy of living for bettering my future and what will happen if I do same thing in my future??? No answers I get... and then I think of a shlok from Bhagwatgeeta -

Karmanye wadhikaraste ma faleshu kadhachan!

It says, do the task without expecting anything out of it...Be satisfied that you have done it in stead of killing your peace by pondering about the returns you get or collapsing down if you don't get anything...Well now this gives me some solace!

Friday, December 31, 2004

Maiden Blog

My first blog ever! What should one write here??? Is it like a diary? I think so. At least I will be using this as my diary. You know what, I feel like I am standing on the stage and delivering something to a huge crowd :)).
I am always enthusiastic about such new things. But can't hold my interest for more than a week. This reminds me of one project I signed up along with two of my friends, Sandeep and Viki. In the first meeting, I was really excited. But the excitement faded up exponentially with time. Let's see how much I can continue writing...